DOCprint was developed to interface with Global software when a client running GSM for Windows/NT required a change in the method of printing Sales and Purchase orders and invoices from their bespoke order processing packages.

The original Global Software was printing multi-part document sets on pre-printed stationery using Newbury dot-matrix tractor-feed serial printers.

There were a number of disadvantages with this set up which included:-

The requirement specification was to make use of one of the many value laser printer options available connected to the computer network via an ethernet cable, printing on plain copier paper with no extra operator interaction or printer selection.

The advantages of this set up would include:-  

Having looked at a number of 'off the shelf' reporting and form printing software packages, none seemed to match the exact requirements that we were looking for with regard to the Global interface.

The reasons for this included:-

The decision was made to develop the precise solution using these guidelines:-

Minimal changes to the Global software were required in order to extract the data which was going to generate the printing of the document. There were two possible solutions to this requirement, both of which can be handled by DOCprint.



The two methods each have their own advantages.

Method 1.

Method 2.


Other features of DOCprint:-

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